The NIS provides for a full array of patient reports which are completely flexible both in what they include and how they are presented and formatted. You can use the reports that come with the NIS “as is” or modify the content and format to match the requirements of your hospital.

The NIS allows you to control the appearance of your patient reports – and you can define as many as you’d like without assistance from your IT department or programmers. Any information captured in the NIS can be contained in any patient report.

In addition, you can include your hospital’s name, logo or any other information you chose on the reports.

And yes, the NIS will generate cover letters, referral and follow-up letters and it will address your envelopes and keep a list of health care professionals and hospitals that are common to your hospital.

All reports contain text capabilities with built-in spell checking features as well as graphics – the reports can be controlled and formatted by you!

These are some of the most commonly used patient reports:

  • Admission histories and physicals
  • Daily Progress Notes
  • Interim Notes including: Physician, NNP, Nutrition Notes and TPN Calculations, Respiratory Therapy, Ophthalmology
  • Nurses Notes
  • Interim Summaries
  • Sign-Off Reports
  • Discharge Planning Reports
  • Discharge Summaries