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MEDICAL DATA SYSTEMS is committed to using emerging technologies to our client's advantage. We offer total access to critical information to provide faster, more accurate solutions to neonatology's most complicated problems.

About Medical Data Systems

MEDICAL DATA SYSTEMS serves as a supportive member of the NICU team of physicians, nurses and other healthcare professionals, as they care for premature babies and a wide variety of critically ill newborns.

By working closely with this team, MDS has created systems that minimize the time and effort of data capture, yet maximizes the type and depth of clinical reports and accurate analyses.

MDS upholds, as a high priority, the ability to have user-defined analytical functions that contribute to the care of each patient, as well as contributing to quality improvement and patient safety for all of the infants cared for in the hospital’s NICU or Neonatal Follow-up Program.

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MDS has years of experience


The MEDICAL DATA SYSTEMS meets the objectives for patient record systems of the Institute of Medicine including:

  • Support patient care and improve its quality
  • Enhance the productivity of healthcare professionals and reduce administrative costs
  • Support clinical and health services research
  • Accommodate future developments in health care technology, policy management, and finance
  • Mechanisms in place to ensure patient data confidentiality


The NIS™ is HL7 compatible and HIPAA compliant. MDS has years of experience in aggregating patient data from multiple NICU’s with maintenance of complete patient and institutional confidentiality

Current Directions

The extensive information contained within the NIS™ provides a rich resource of data with which analytical queries can be performed on each patient on a concurrent basis. The development of this capacity provides a valuable clinical decision support system, as well as patient-specific alerts and quality care reminders. This real-time use of the query functions can be enhanced by links to relevant evidence-based reviews and other clinical information resources.

Concurrent data analysis gives real-time insights to the appearance of adverse events, as well as care patterns that show potential value to the patients. Benchmarking can be performed within each institution or as part of a collaborative, confidential, data acquisition and analysis program.

Accurate, efficient, and affordable solutions for accessing patient data

NIS™ Data Exports and Repository Integrations

Since 1985, MEDICAL DATA SYSTEMS has worked closely with neonatologists, nurses, hospital administrators and IT personnel in hundreds of newborn intensive care units to develop innovative solutions for the management of complex clinical data for well and critically ill newborns and high-risk infant follow-up.

Neonatal Information System™ & NIS™ High-Risk Infant Follow-up Application
Accurate, efficient and affordable solutions for accessing your patient’s information in real-time.

The NIS™ provides a sophisticated and robust system for data queries and analytical functions. This real-time statistical capability facilitates –

  • Safety
  • Patient Care Decision Support
  • Quality indexing
  • Clinical Research

The NIS™ data is structured for export to state, regional and national clinical performance benchmarking repositories.

The Neonatal Information System™ can be used not only as a standalone data management system within the NICU and High-Risk Infant Follow-up Clinic; it can also be interfaced with the hospital-wide Electronic Medical Record to become part of the hospital’s complete information management solution for neonatology.

Innovations from MEDICAL DATA SYSTEMS allows for real-time information that is immediately accessible for a variety of uses specific to Neonatology while melding with the changing IT solutions of the hospital.

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Simply put - the Neonatal Information System™ is the most comprehensive clinical information management system available today; incorporating information from all aspects of clinical care for critically ill newborns in the NICU.

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